Magento2: How to add a Custom CSS File in Magento2

January 12, 2019

One of the most common tasks a fronted developer will How to add a Custom CSS File in Magento2

In this Tutorial you’ll learn step-by-step instruction on How to add a Custom CSS File in Magento2.

In Magento2, the Syntax to add style sheet is different, as well as the files added a different location in Magento2

If You have to add Custom css. You have to Open default_head_blocks.xml file. This File is Located in


Open default_head_blocks.xml then add the CSS file in Layout Configuration.

The CSS File is Located in


Magento2 use css Files from pub/static . Clear the Original static Files within the pub/static and run this Command

if You refresh your magento Store, You should be able to see your css file is being included in Magento Fronted.

Hope this Helps