PHP: Implode() and Explode() Function

January 13, 2019

In this Tutorial We are learning Implode() and Explode() function in PHP. Imploding and Exploding are Couple of important functions of PHP that can be applied on strings and arrays.

PHP provides us with two important function implode() and explode() function to perform operations on arrays and strings.
You can also Convert between strings and array by using the PHP implode() and explode() functions.

Implode() Function

Implode() Function is used to Convert Array to String. You can take an array and join it together and make it into one string instead on array.

In this Example Implode() Function Convert array to Strings. We get a Complete String separate with Space.

explode() Function

Explode() Function is used to Convert String to Array. You can take a string and Convert into Array using This Function.

In This Example explode() function is Convert String to Array. String Separate from Space. First Parameter is String Separator from Space.

Implode() and explode() function is opposite of each other.

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