How to solved Access Denied issue in Admin Panel Magento

Many of the Magento Developers encountered this Problem. some of the Magento Developer don’t know how to resolve this Problem. You can Resolved this Problem in a few minutes.

If you login in the admin panel the backed show error “Access Denied“. How upsetting is..

We are give the solution of this Problem. You can do it easily within 2 Minute. You have to copy the code and run into the Phpmyadmin.

You have to Follow this Step

Copy this code and Go to your phpmyadmin. select your Magento Database. Open the SQL tab and Paste the Code.Now Press to GO Button.

DELETE admin_rule 
FROM admin_rule, admin_role 
admin_role.role_name = "Administrators"
AND admin_rule.role_id = admin_role.role_id

After Complete the first step. Copy the second code and run this Query.

INSERT INTO admin_rule (role_id, resource_id, assert_id, role_type, permission) 
VALUES ('1','all','O','G','allow')

Now You can try to Login in Your Magento Backend admin Panel. You can login Successfully in backend.

If you guys have any question please feel free to ask and put your doubts in the comments section below.

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