How to find which WordPress theme is being Used ?

February 7, 2018

Have you ever Visited a site and how Wondered what WordPress theme its using ?

Select the right wordpress theme for you website is the difficult task. You have so many option like a theme and Plugin. When You search on the google you have a lot of option.

You can see Multiple theme as per your requirement or website topic on 

Here I’m sharing various options which will help you to find the WordPress theme being used by any website and you can Buy and Download download it, and install it on your Website.

Today we are discuss about how can you check the WordPress theme Plugin Name using third party website. You have to open website and paste the url which you  want to check.

Various ways to find which one WordPress theme is that?

    1. wpthemedetector
    2. whatwpthemeisthat
    3. scanwp
    4. isitwp

Using the following website You can check which WordPress theme and Plugin is they used. its Very simple and Best Way to check theme and Plugin.

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