Play Youtube Video in Lock Screen without any Software

October 14, 2016

It be great if you could check your Message on your Phone and also enjoy YouTube videos in the Background at the same time. It is the best thing if you can’t then this tutorial for You ?

Unfortunately, None of this is Possible using the YouTube Application on Android and iPhone. The Application is Active or open on Main Display to listen a song.

You can Play Youtube video in background using the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browser in Your Mobile Phone.

You can Download the Some Application for the Playing Youtube Video in background. You can Download the Float Tube – Floating Tube – Floating video popup or Floating Tube (Multitasking) etc.

Both the Application  a floating video player which essentially means that you can pull out a YouTube video and place it over other Application.

You have to Follow this Step

  1. Open Google Chrome/Firefox Browser.
  2. Open or any other Website.
  3. Go to the Menu and Check the Desktop Site.
  4. Play the Youtube Video and Switch in other Application.

Now Youtube Video is Play in background of Your Mobile. You can Switch any application of Your Mobile Phone.


Karan Suthar

Surat, India

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