Magento1: Programmatically Create New Customer Account in Magento

January 7, 2019

In This Tutorial we are Learning Programmatically Create New Customer Account in Magento. You can Create New Customer Using Signup Form, Via Admin Panel.

Sometime We require to create new Customer account Programmatically in Magento1. This Tutorial will help You to Programmatically Create New Customer Account in Magento1.

Now We Add Customer with some Basic Imformation. You have to Put this code in Your Controller

Above Code adds a Customer with same basic imformation like a First name,Middle name, Last name, Email, Password and .etc

Now we create a Customer with Shipping Address, Country, Telephone Number.

this is Complete Code Create Customer with a Billing Address Mobile Number .etc

This is Your Controller. You have to Create a form and Get Form data in your controller and save in database. Using this Method in Magento1

Hope This Helps

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